Uyuni is a remote town relatively close to the border with Chile and I got there on a bus through a difficult alternative journey off-road cause the main passage from Potosi’ was blocked by road workers who hadn’t been payed. I stopped here one night to catch up with Michele, another photographer from Verona, Italy that i met earlier in Potosí who drives trains as a second job back home. We were both going to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, so we booked a crossing tour together on an old Land Cruiser with a driver/cook/guide – who didn’t speak or cook much but did drive at least – and another 4 passengers: Benoit, a French engineer who lives in Buenos Aires, “Crazy Bear” Rich and Fotina from Australia and Sonia from Switzerland who was still recovering from the dengue fever she had contracted earlier in the jungle. This three-day long passage goes across the Salar and touches 5000m of altitude. The scenery is stunning.
In summary, here are the pictures of the Train Graveyard (Michele enjoyed it more obviously), the Isla Incawasi where you can find millennial cacti, various lagoons, rocks, birds and one of the final stops, the geysers, where we managed to get just before a group of 20 or more crazy Israelis who kept us awake with fireworks the night before.

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