I couldn’t carry on traveling without, unfortunately, stopping one night at Jaen, my first sojourn in Peru’. Ectic and dusty. I was just a few hours there but that’s the impression I got. I can’t describe it otherwise.
From there, after visiting 5 different bus terminals and realize that nobody had a clue where this phantom bus was, I got a shared taxi to Bagua Grande and then another one to my “final destination”: Chachapoyas.
This is a little market town. It’s cold at night and it looks like it rains every day here.
The area is politically “hot” as both the government and the local (indigenous and non) communities claim control over the land and the water. The first for economical reasons: oil and other minerals are abundant in the area. The latter for obvious reasons: heavy pollution of air, land, water and people; deforestation, poverty…
Pictures-wise, unfortunately, this is all I have.

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