This is quite a modern city and not as traditional looking as I was expecting it to be but its position among the mountains at 2800m of altitude is just stunning.
I wasn’t planning to stay 3 days here but when the taxi I had booked to go to the airport and try to buy a ticket for the 8am flight to Loja didn’t turn up I decided to let the events “lead the journey” and stay in Quito till Monday. So yesterday I got the chance to have a haircut. Hair and beard are all gone now! The hair dresser also hoovered my head in the end! That’s exclusive! After that, as I was walking down the street a woman approached me from behind and told me I was full of something – not sure what she said exactly but “mierda” could be an option. I knew I was about to have my stuff nicked or something so, without stopping I swiftly inverted direction and got out from the crowd around me. When the nearest person was at 50m from me I checked my back. Jumper, trousers, camera bag and backpack were covered with some disgusting stuff and even though I don’t like it, I want to believe it was mustard.
Off to Loja then Vilcabamba in the morning if the taxi turns up this time. Otherwise I’ll have to dig out my poncho if I want to go around Quito again.

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