Finally on the road again!!!!!
This time the plan is a quick 2-month-long (October+November) around the globe location shooting trip for my CGI stuff (backplates and HDRs) that should keep me busy in the coming cold, dark and claustrophobic winter time. The set itinerary for now is New York City, Los Angeles, Fiji, Sydney, Singapore and a-still-unplanned Indonesia.  The latter mostly based on a documentary/travel key instead.
The stitching and processing time for the location shoots is proving rather time consuming and an average of 2,5 days per stop excluding travelling time – here’s a piece of my analytical Saxonised side for you  – doesn’t help a regular and quick update of the blog. As a matter of fact doesn’t help keeping in contact with family and friends either – sorry mum!!!
I am already half way through my journey, in sweaty equatorial Singapore and I finally managed/decided to “chill and update”. I only have a NYC kind-of-done gallery to post for now but… watch this space :)

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